PART I   &   2     FINAL








In the light of the recent pandemic, due to my concern of total reduction of the British Population, combined with their inability to be self sufficient, I registered ‘Global Peace Community Interest Company’ whose aim is to assist all Human Beings, alleviate and/or reduce their stress, whatever the cause might be. Examples could be Health concerns, financial stress, bereavement, energy crisis, job insecurity etc. etc. through Innovation of unique products and services.


Furthermore, having submitted Part 1 of my ‘Evidence for Land Use’ I later came across UK Parliament website, regarding crisis of Food Banks.


Food Banks are unable to cope due to reduced donations; however, what is of greater concern is that those reliant on the Food Banks reject Free Food which requires cooking, since they have no gas nor electric to cook nor to keep themselves warm.


I would like to address the above, given agricultural land (preferably near water supply i.e. running river, stream, well, springs etc)

Professional Poly tunnels or similar, can be erected.


Regarding Energy, I have Innovative Concepts for supply of FREE or Low Cost Energy to those in need as well as others.


Unique distribution & other links can also be developed along with cottage industries, including manufacturing, Arts & Cultural for Holistic Well Being, innovative dwellings and much more. There are endless uses one can apply to land. It is possible that there will also be restrictions to the use of some land. This will not be a problem.





I append, that which is relevant.

Besides other appointments, I have also been Founder & Managing Director for a couple of innovative Limited Companies, having coined as well as introduced way back in 2002 ‘Best Practice’; ‘Disruptive Innovation’; ‘Zero Emissions for Closed loop cycle of services’ and received several Accolades including a SMART Grant from MAFF/DEFRA.


Custom Designed road Vehicles as well as Proprietary Containers along with Training and Certification was introduced. Clients included the National Grid Head Office, RAF etc.


At that stage I recommended procedures to stop/eradicate the eventual spread, of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy commonly referred to as Mad Cows Disease or BSE. This is today referred to as Alzheimer's disease which is on the increase.


Current plastic recycling recovery in the UK is based on my concept, which was frowned at over a decade ago. Even today, they have not fully grasped nor fully operating according to my concept.










The following are some concepts which obviously can be modified.


My current interest is in clinching land to develop a range of Sustainable, Innovative, products, services, Industries for Community involvement and enjoyment.


All those with similar interests collaborate to innovate, debate, build models, test, launch etc. etc.


Remote working, where possible, would be encouraged.


In order to tackle Fuel i.e. Heating/Cooking poverty and later expanding to other areas, FREE Fuel first to those reliant on Food Banks. They will have sufficient to cover all their needs without paying a penny.


In return, those who are capable, will have the opportunity to volunteer & get involved in contributing their skills and/or receive training, so that long term they will too be confident citizens.






Large plot or plots with rivers, streams, natural springs, wells, fruit trees perhaps buildings/palaces dis-used would be a dream location for agricultural development.


Travel can be using the water ways.


The land can be of any condition (excluding bogs/water logged).


New roads can be constructed using new materials. Maybe there will be no roads.



FREE ZERO EMISSIONS ENERGY (FZ- EE) pronounced as ‘fizzy



I would like sufficient land preferably in Gloucester (but flexible) to establish a unique, zero emission, sustainable, natural Energy Centre, with uniquely designed buildings for dwelling; manufacturing premises, where the first Pilot will be designed, manufactured and launched.


The Pilot can also be on existing buildings/premises.






Holistic Health is Priceless Wealth’©

this is the motto – the mission statement.

Holistic means _ Mind, Body & Spirit



With this in mind, another purpose of the Land will be to grown Natural Heirloom Edible produce. This I believe also to be an urgency as an EU Consultation just lapsed, wherein Scientists, who have been awarded funding to poison edible crop with vaccines i.e. it will introduce the ‘jab’ vaccine into salad produce i.e. tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, etc. to replace the jab.


Consider how many jabs your plate of salad will contain….who will be responsible for the detrimental impact on human beings, ALL life, water, air…the environment.


Let us enhance all aspects of Life on this plagued island and transform it to a delightful place which is only possible when we accept ‘we are what we eat’.


Through ‘proper’ Nutrition Human Beings achieve Vitality and Strength.


A Unique Arts/Cultural centre (non religious) for people to understand the need for nutritious intake into the Human Body.






A range of Plant Produce will be grown under cover, locals will be encouraged to join a rotation/shared work scheme, so that they are confident the food is heirloom, pure, nutritious and fresh.


Locals will be encouraged to get involved with the project from the very start to prepare the soil, sow, maintain, harvest, enabling them to receive quality fresh, nutritious food free or in return for volunteering.


Depending on the terms of the project as prescribed by government, produce as well as energy can be either given for free in lieu of work alternatively at a subsidised rate.





Modern generation do not know quality & health benefits from Cotton/Linen. It will be interesting to grow or import large quantities of cotton to be able to manufacture our own unique clothing, clothing NOT with plastic/recycled plastic; nylon etc. which enters the blood stream causing a variety of diseases.



Creative/Innovative Arts/Cultural Centres



Introduce innovative creative music, art, harmony enhancement,

so that we are like one family.


There will be no need to steal, harm another, as we will live in perfect harmony, protecting the environment, natural, natural resources and much more.


Transform the area as a tourist attraction and/or attraction for the locals to teach/train innovative/creative arts which will greatly enhance the lives of all ages.


I am ideally interested in land in Gloucestershire near GL 8 8EH.






Without knowledge of the type of land available, accessibility, compatibility etc. it is difficult to confirm its use.





Hence the following is recommended: -


Types of Land  recommended action by the Local Authorities – No challenge!


Perhaps speedy progress can be achieved if we went through the following process, which would not burden local authorities.


If Local Authorities could kindly provide the following:


Their knowledge of the type of land/soil,

Its suitability,



Previous use (were dogs allowed to foul on the land)?


Any known recent natural disasters on the land etc

This information would be beneficial to help identify a range of uses, in order to find its most compatible use/s.


If possible, to include a graphic image were included with nearby streams, springs, rivers (distance etc)


They will have this information currently available ( I presume).






For Human Beings as opposed to AI to transform/develop the land for greater use to enhance the total well being of all Life, firstly Human Beings need to be Healthy in order to participate in its development &/ or to simply enjoy.


Importing Refugees is not the answer. It is currently causing a lot of conflict among local Brits

Media covers only some articles wherein it is clear that the refugees do not understand

British lifestyle, i.e. parking on private car parks, fouling in parks; foul language used etc etc.


British, irrelevant of colour, race, belief are actually rather caring and trust worthy of each other. (This is my opinion).


First, Afghanistan’s now ……Once they receive vaccines, etc. they too will be RIP?


Due to Covid Jabs many have received permanent life threatening injuries and many have died. The country is in mourning. Citizens have lost trust with their leaders. Citizens will no longer obey to restrictions. Those who have had the jabs are unable to even think for themselves. It could be referred to as Mental. No more said.



Urgency to be immediately banned - Challenge


Worse than Covid are biological weapons sprayed from the skies.

Observe the lines in the sky which transform otherwise blue skies to grey. Some days the sun is shining through these white lines which most refer to as clouds.


Human Beings are being wiped out.

I need to re-phrase this, ALL LIFE not just Human Beings are being extinguished.



Mass genocide continues in the UK :

(a)  Through the jabs

(b)   Covid tests which transmit the virus;

(c)    Invisible war i.e. biological warfare.



These weapons enter the water systems, fall on land making it lifeless/infertile/kills/destroys crop/fruit trees etc.


When will we once again have blue skies?


When will weather manipulation by HAARP be banned?                                         





Depending of the information supplied by the Local Authorities, the Land can be used for a various range of multiple uses.


Uses could be for example not only agriculture, but included a recreational area, perhaps an innovative Energy Supply, Manufacturing units, Dwellings, Innovative Buildings using Innovative material which can be transformed to Arts/Culture with different themes, these will all be safe havens for everyone.


Energy supply for example Solar will be dependent on Solar Rays. Hence man made blocking of the sun rays (paid for by Bill Gates Foundation) defeats the object.


It is only after receiving this information from the Local Authorities then we can with accuracy

List possible uses of land including innovation, agricultural use might be popular (which I too support) but if there are no water sources, if the land is clay, prone to flooding etc. then it can be more suitable for another use.


Hope you find this useful.


Once the Local Authorities have submitted the information mentioned in this report, then progress can be made.


Wishing the projects every success.


Stella Hermoine Howell

Global Peace Community Interest Company