Dr Stella Hermoine Howell, Founder/Managing Director, Global Peace Community Interest Company – Written Evidence (LUE0007)




In the light of the recent pandemic, I registered ‘Global Peace Community Interest Company’

due to my concern of total reduction in the British population combined with their inability to be self sufficient.


In the past I have been the MD for a couple of other innovative Limited Companies.


My interest is in clinching some land to develop:


Creative/Innovative Arts/Cultural Centres;


Introduce Innovative Energy for the local areas or further afield;


Transform the area as a tourist attraction and/or attraction for the locals to teach/train innovative/creative arts which will greatly enhance the lives of all ages.


I am ideally interested in land in Gloucestershire near GL 8 8EH.





Without knowledge of the type of land available, accessibility, compatibility etc. it is difficult to confirm its use.




Hence the following is recommended: -


Types of Land  recommended action for the Local Authorities – No challenge!


Perhaps speedy progress can be achieved if we went through the following  process, which would not burden local authorities.


If Local Authorities could kindly provide the following:


Their knowledge of the type of land/soil,

Its suitability,



Any known recent natural disasters on the land etc

This information would be beneficial to help identify a range of uses, in order to find its most compatible use/s.


If possible, to include a graphic image were included with nearby streams, springs, rivers (distance etc)


They will have this information currently available ( I presume).


POPULATION - Challenge


For Human Beings as opposed to AI to transform/develop the land for greater use to enhance the total well being of all Life, firstly Human Beings need to be Healthy in order to participate in its development &/ or to simply enjoy.


Importing Refugees is not the answer. It is currently causing a lot of conflict among local Brits British, irrelevant of colour, race, belief are actually rather caring and trust worthy of each other. (this is my opinion). First it was Afghanistan’s now ……Once they receive the vaccines, etc. they too will be RIP?


Due to Covid Jabs many have received permanent life threatening injuries and many have died. No more said.


Urgency to be immediately banned - Challenge


Worse than Covid are biological weapons sprayed from the skies.

Observe the lines in the sky which transform otherwise blue skies to grey.


They are literally wiping out not just Human Beings but all Life.

These weapons enter the water systems, fall on land making it lifeless/infertile/ besides kills/destroys crop/fruit trees etc. Then we will once again have blue skies, not weather manipulation by HAARP. No more said.                                                       




Depending of the information supplied by the Local Authorities, the Land can be used for a various range of multiple uses.


Uses could be for example not only agriculture, but included a recreational area, perhaps an innovative Energy Supply, Manufacturing units, Dwellings, Innovative Buildings using Innovative material which can be transformed to Arts/Culture with different themes, these will all be safe havens for everyone.


Energy supply for example Solar will be dependent on Solar Rays. Hence man made blocking of the sun rays (paid for by Bill Gates Foundation) defeats the object.


It is only after receiving this information from the Local Authorities then we can with accuracy

List the uses of land including innovation, agricultural use might be popular (which I too support) but if there are no water sources, if the land is clay, prone to flooding etc. then it can be more suitable for another use.


Hope you find this useful.


Once the Local Authorities have submitted the information mentioned in this report, then progress can be made.



Stella Hermoine Howell

Global Peace Community Interest Company

April 2022