Written evidence submitted by Nova Innovation (GRD0026)

1)   What are the current capacity issues facing the National Grid?


2)      How are the constraints on Wales’ grid likely to be exacerbated as demand for renewable energy surges?


3)      How can Wales unlock the grid and ensure that it is ready for future demand?


4)      What can be done to incentivise investment in grid flexibility, in particular vehicle to grid technology and ‘smart’ charging?


5)      What should be done to ensure that the grid, particularly in rural areas, can cope with the extra demand that will be generated from the transition to electric vehicles?


6)      What level of anticipatory investment in grid capacity is required by the UK Government in order to ensure that Wales can deliver its decarbonisation roadmap?


7)      How can the UK Government, the Welsh Government and Ofgem work together to improve grid capacity?

March 2022