Alvin Scott – Written evidence (FDF0002)


I am a 75 year old pensioner -  during 2020 from information provided to our Solicitors pursuing a misselling claim – we became aware that there was in Santander files a document which recorded events in 2006 – which we saw as a Breach of Rules and Regulations when we ended up with a Interest Only Mortgage -  we requested a £25,000 loan  to cover the cost of a Deposit on a property in Spain


Everything fell apart and we were saved by the Interest rate drop.


We eventually filed our complaint with Financial Ombudsman Service Oct 2020 – August 2nd  Case Handler appointed  September Finding and Decision letter – addressed a completely different complaint  


A few days later I received a Subject Access Request from Santander – 4 cm pile of A4  but also three letters -  one by Mr Williams to Santander and two in reply from a Ms Denton


To cut the next 3 months into a sentence – the letters indicate that Mr Williams the Case Handler – orchestrated a Fabricated fake Complaint – that Ms Denton carried out the instruction Fabricated a Fake Complaint  to be Out of Time set out in DISP rules – she then ruled that it was out of Time and Santander would not allow FOS to deliberate the complaint.  


Mr Williams promptly passed that ruling to the Genuine Complaint.


I raised these issues with FOS and Santander senior management – ignore by FOS management – after three letters to Santander and several attempts to get the people involved to recant their decisions  Santander Legal Department warned me that I might face action if I did not stop


Fine I made the Report to Action Fraud – January after FOS closed the File  website difficult – no idea if  City of London police are involved or not .


As a result – the Interest Only Mortgage – subject of an Abuse of Position in 2006 --  present an issue  the end of Term was May 2021  so we are faced with Santander  taking Court action to take possession.


We are instructing a Solicitor to enter a Private Prosecution – where we allege that a Member of FOS staff committed an Abuse of Position – Fraud – jointly involving a Santander Bank who we also allege committed Fraud S2) by False Representation --  we allege that the Case Handler then committed Fraud under S2)  making False Representation.


A secondary episode – involves a Ombudsperson – who investigated my accusation of collusion  and she supported The Fraudulent Findings and Decision letter – Alleged Fraud s2) Fraud by False Representation

The an Ombudsman was called in to “take a  Fresh Look” – No mention of the Genuine Complaint

Fully supported the out of Time ruling arrived at by the Fabrication of a Fake Complaint

Fraud by Abuse of Position and also because this was a “Final Decision   made to us and  Santander Bank  Fraud s2)  Fraud by False Representation


This came to light and I complained to CEO Delfas two weeks after Ms Delfas was making bid Publicity about Scams and Fraud “  what companies should do to combat it----- Four  emails and she has not responded to one  - gate keeper responded to one – with a fob off reply.


I raised this with CEO Bostock Santander – passed down to an executive – Your compliant is being dealt with by FOS – Do Not make contact again – I responded that I was Making a Fresh Compliant to Santander  2021 -2022 – That Ms Denton a Santander employee had jointly with Mr Williams FOS committed a Fraud as a Response to the Genuine Historic Complaint – Passed to Santander Legal Department—Denied any Fraud had taken place


Baroness – I believe that there is an attitude of Lying and deceptions misinformation and Govt Ministers and MPs filling their pockets with Taxpayers money – this can be seen and others say if they can do it ---


We have Good Law Project  and we Crowd Fund this effort to hold the Govt to account


Where is the Serious Fraud Office – oh yes Tory Govt ripped the heart out the Police – they just do not have the manpower to investigate.


In our case, My wife refuses to believe that these individuals did what I have reasoned from the facts – that the FOS  state that they are Independent-Impartial and Fair –


FOS  was a response to consumers not being able to act against dirty deeds – when legal Aid was cut

A Free to use service – but there is No Redress of their decisions – other than Judicial Review which does not review the facts of the Complaint just a fail of the systems.  After FOS  to take it to small claims – first thing is “You have had the Ombudsman look into this and they are Independent – you are wasting the courts time”.


To be absolutely clear – had I not made that subject Access Request I would have been floundering trying to raise questions about a Complaint which did not have anything to do with our Genuine Complaint --- 4 years of Financial hell  then 10 years of harassment- Court Order and they wanted to get me to alter it all –


I was confident that our Complaint would be upheld and Santander would have to make Restitutions and a reasonable Compensation -  2006 Abuse of Position  -- 2009 took Court action being aware of the 2006 Abuse of position Fraud ---   2009  Fraud  by omission of Facts which would have had a different outcome  2020  Breach of Confidentiality and Abuse of Position re Facts which they passed to third Party namely Solicitors.  A reasonable Compensation by the FOS  = £500,000  for 14years and three Frauds


Bang  -  five months of lies and deceptions Fraud and bully boy tactics  by the body supposed -to hold fraud to account.   In 2020 heading to Xmas I offered to settle with Santander £200,000 and the deeds to our property with all charges paid.  Ignored --  FOS uphold complaint  maximum awards 

2006 Fraud  £160,000  -- 2009 – Fraud by Omission   £160,000   -  Breach of Confidentiality-Fraud s2

Max £355,000   a  Maximum £675,000  we were looking to argue for £500,000 as reasonable for 14 years of upset-


Criminal Fraud 2021-22  dealt with as a civil case at FOS – would have needed a Maximum on all issues  over a £1 million – if you look at this part – Santander – could have settled 2020 – they feel that they are too big for people to challenge in Court –Yes  but 4x Individuals who have clear written evidence against them – are to be prosecuted as individuals –


Baroness – can the Financial Ombudsman and Santander allow their employees to face allegations of Fraud in Court – I have no idea what the motivation was for these people to be prepared to commit Fraud – it is not that they changed a few words – they actually fabricated a Fake Complaint – clearly a dishonest action – there is no way that they did not know that they were blocking our Complaint -I have considered that these people Conspired to pervert the course of Justice – since the Ombudsman is a Quasi Judicial body.


Baroness I wish you luck – I would suggest – improvements to the Magistrates courts and legal aid – apply pressure to companies to settle disputes-  Jail time for Fraud should be made more Public and Fraud cases should not take several days – 50% of the facts should be agreed prior to Court.

18 March 2022