Written evidence submitted by Malcolm Ranson


Dear Chris


Thank you for all your hard work on the Committee on Standards and Privileges and for making an effort to take external soundings on the way forward in the wake of the Owen Paterson case.


As a retired Professor of Oncology and Pharmacology in a Manchester I am attaching the NHS England guidance for NHS staff so that you can assess the standards set for MPs against this set of standards which is used in another area of public service  - the NHS


I think getting to  something very similar would be welcome otherwise MPs will yet again be guilty of “one rule for them and another for us” which would be a disappointing outcome from what we have seen and which to put it bluntly undermines the very fabric of good standards and probity.


Perhaps you could circulate it to the committee members and then challenge them to adopt it and to behave as others do?!



04 February 2022