Written evidence from Mrs Michelle Roberts



We as a family have been requesting certain evidence from the Coroner which would rule out the partner of our daughter having something to do with her death and the coroner refuses it and we cannot understand why he would do this.

We live  in Mirfield  West Yorkshire and our daughter lived in Manchester.

 Our 21 year old daughter Lydia Roberts was in a relationship with an Adam Wells and on June 9th 2017 she found a second phone of her partners with sexual images on of young children (Mr Wells has been since charged and put on the sex offenders register).


On June 10th following this find she took her own life.


For some reason not known to the police a DI did not attend the scene on the night/early hours as is normal police practice in “suspected suicide” so it was the following day one attended.


Lydia's phone has never been found and it never left her side.


 I joined The Compassionate Friends which is a charity for Bereaved Parents and the group have a solicitor who helps families with problems and inquests. He asked me to upload everything I had relating to Lydia's death and said things did not add up and he took the case on to look into it further.


Lydia's first inquest was a year later June 2018 in Manchester and was adjourned on the day by Coroner Zak Golombec due to insufficient evidence and that Adam Wells had been questioned a second time by the Police.

Lydia's second inquest took place in October last year and the Coroner gave suicide as the verdict.


Prior to both inquests our Solicitor has constantly asked the Coroner and the police and the chief of police in Manchester to provide three things which would rule out Adam Wells having anything to do with Lydia's death, the Coroner has these things as he asked for them prior to the second second inquest and DI present at the inquest swore under oath that these things were still at the Police station but has since said the Coroner now has them.


Dozens and dozens of emails have been sent by our Solicitor and myself asking for these things but the Coroner just replies saying "I don't  exactly know what you are asking for" - even the Police have asked that the queries we have should be allowed to be seen but they cannot go above the Coroner.



I have begged the Coroner to allow our Solicitor to view these things and cannot understand why he will not, I go to bed each night wondering if Adam Wells played a part in Lydia's death and it is the first thing on my mind when I wake up and to deny me peace for the rest of my life is cruel. Just by being allowed to see the three things would end this torment we as a family are going through. 


The three things are - 1.All exhibits submitted to the pathologist as re the ligatures Lydia used as there are three different versions.

 2. CCTV/bodycam footage 

 3.The location log relating to the mobile phone of Adam Wells.


We feel let down by the Coroner and the justice system.