Written evidence submitted by Henry Dyer, Insider



Declaration of interests – further points


1. I think the committee should consider if the current rules on declaring interests during proceedings held elsewhere than the floor of the House are adequate. Departmental select committees, for instance, can involve questions of ministers and civil servants from MPs who have outside interests that may appear relevant to their question, but the approach to this appears to be less stringent than the requirement to declare an interest in proceedings on the floor of the House of Commons, or when submitting a written question. To be clear, there is already a requirement to declare the outside interest, but I am not certain it is as highly scrutinised and examined as declarations in the chamber or in written questions.


2. It seems to be rather difficult to trace the interests of select committee members, and from what I can tell they seem only to be published as part of a set of formal minutes at the end of a year’s work, or an inquiry’s completion. Compounded with the fact that it is possible some additional interests not in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests may be declared in select committee minutes (c.f. par 38.15 of Erskine May), this seems to be an inconsistency the committee may wish to address.


10 February 2022