David Hardy, self-employed writerwritten evidence (BFF0022)


House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee inquiry into BBC future funding


The BBC, formerly a beacon of journalism throughout the world, once a national treasure has become a national embarrassment. Characterised by a liberal-green ‘socialist’ worldview it has nothing but contempt to increasingly large swathes of the same population i.e. Daily Mail readers, UKIP voters, Blue Tories and, most of all, the working class, which is forced under ultimate threat of fines and imprisonment to fund it. This would be an utterly intolerable state of affairs in any country during any epoch, but in the Britain of 2022 is total anathema to those groups at whom the broadcaster sneers and portrays as anything from “right-wing racists” through “Little Englanders” and more recently “antivaxxers.”


Really? Should these same people be forced to take out a compulsory subscription to such an organisation or else cede the ability to watch television services they DO wish to consume?


The BBC boasts that is it is both “trusted” and “valued”. Well, that’s easily proved: those same people who value and trust it so much will happily subscribe to its service, freely without duress. Well, won’t they? The debate regarding how is a red herring. Whether by licence, subscription, stamps or whatever method is chosen, those who wish to pay for the BBC will happily do so. But the broadcaster is rightly fearful. Why? Because it knows (and so does government) given the choice a substantial number of people would happily NOT subscribe to any BBC service.


I have already mentioned the reason: insufferable political bias which increases year on year: right now the “impartial” broadcaster is pumping out disgraceful quantities of anti-Russian and pro-Ukranian propaganda in a similar way it did in relation to Brexit and the Trump presidency. Thus, substantial parts of the British demographic disagree with the “woke” and what they feel is the subversive worldview of the “British” Broadcasting Corporation especially in areas such as Scotland, North East, North West. Put simply, the BBC represents a small, affluent pro-EU demographic largely London, South-west based. Hence, it’s justification for charging a national tax to watch TV is wholly inappropriate and unsustainable.


Please check out BBC reviews left on the world’s biggest review site Trust Pilot. After over 8,000 reviews the BBC scores 1.1 out of 5 and is rated as ‘bad.’ The comments will inform you more about the public’s attitude to the BBC than BBC-commissioned “polls” by its friends at IPSOS Mori and co.


To be blunt, the BBC is a 20th century dinosaur desperate to avoid extinction and retain its massive privileges by any means necessary – usually emotional blackmail. You will need to ignore the partisan and very vocal voices of BBC supporters who use their power and influence to support the broadcaster. Trust Pilot gives the true view of the BBC – it’s open to anyone not just friends of the BBC.

If the BBC isn’t made to self-fund, people will simply continue to defund it for themselves – a slow but inevitable death. Better to allow it to exploit its “popularity” and attract funding from all those tens of millions of people around the world who WANT to support it. Netflix has over 150 million such subscribers


. . .


Basically, you can’t stop progress – the BBC will tell you that. It’s 2022 the age of online streaming is here. The BBC 1950’s heyday is over, gone. It’s time to adapt, to join the modern world where, if it is as fantastic as it claims to be, it should have no problem carving a lucrative niche in a huge market. This way, the BBC will maintain its super-sized salaries and privilege and we, who loathe what it has become, will be free of its pernicious, corrosive influence.


Finally, here’s an example of what passes for “journalism” on the BBC today, a spiteful, nasty and historically ignorant opinion piece which as such breaks the royal charter on any number of counts – a daily occurrence:




Did you know that Mr Trump was, according to this disgraceful piece of propaganda, a “fanboy” of President Putin? You do now.


Thanks for your time.



March 2022