The submitter of this evidence has requested that the committee consider treating this evidence as confidential


My experiences with Child Maintenance Service (CMS) are very poor and have caused me personal health issues.

The facts are as follows :-

In 2018 I was on ESA and got wrongly moved onto Universal Credit. Due to working permitted hours I notified them of the change of circumstances but these were not dealt with by CMS as quickly as they should have been which meant that my daughter’s mum got less money from me until the review of the case was due some months later.

In 2019 I was fortunate to find employment and immediately notified CMS of the change of circumstances but it took almost a year to make the change resulting in arrears being owed in excess of £1500. 

In 2020 as a result of these arrears I made a large lump sum payment of an amount I could afford but this still left me with arrears so I wanted CMS to take monies directly out of my wages as I lost trust in how they operated.

In 2020/1 payments went out from my wages on or before the 21st of each month yet CMS were taking far too long for monies to go to the mother sometimes as long as 2 weeks. I was being asked by my daughter where the money was !!!!

At the end of 2021 poor mental health has forced me to resign from the job I had and again I notified CMS of this change.

In the last month I have received an updated review which has failed to take into account I am now working less hours.

I am an alienated parent so any excuse for my daughter to be turned against me is used especially financial ones and all CMS have done is contribute to this alienation which of course has then had a major impact on my health, both physical and mental.

I personally do not feel CMS are fit for purpose. They have failed to listen to a parent who wants to make correct contributions for their daughter and the amount of duplication with paperwork posted to me which is inaccurate is surely a waste. They charge 20% collection fee yet the service does not warrant this.

March 2022