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  I salute the initiative to finally review the work of CM department.

I have to say that 2 years after I opened the account requesting child maintenance on my daughter’s behalf, this is the worst experience ever.

  No one in that department in ever interested in working in a case, no case worker in available to help whenever the claimants have inquiries, the amount of mistakes and errors committed is huge and no one is investigating their maladministration.

  CM department seems to think they are above the law, the managers will cover for their teams’ mistakes. Even managers don’t have any basic knowledge of child’s laws

   In January 2021 I was told during a phone conversation that no case worker is available as they work NIGHT SHIFT… which is a lie. The question is if  CM department do night shifts and is not true, then what what they are doing during their working hours? Doing other activities and wasting tax-payers money!

  The entire CM department is a slap on Kids’s faces. How many kids have been robbed from getting their legally child maintenance payments because of that failed department.



Thank you


March 2022