Written evidence submitted by anonymously





My name is ***********. I am a 49 year old single mother of a 10 year old daughter and for 8 years I have been battling with the CMS. I work as a playground supervisor at a nearby school earning less than £10,000 per year. I am fed up with the CMS. I am facing financial ruin because of the CMS is the most inefficient government agency in the UK. What CMS are declaring in their written report on my case and what they tell me on the phone are two different things. Every time I call the CMS I take notes of what they tell me and it does not match what they are reporting on their end. It is a farce, a total cover-up of their incompetence.


Father is 63, a NON UK CITIZEN, since Brexit he is living in the UK illegally without remain status, fraudulently claiming benefits, evading tax and evading child support. My life is a living hell.


For years I have sent the CMS evidence to prove father is lying. He has a history of financial and psychological abuse and he is manipulating the CMS, taking advantage of their total incompetence. Father has in the past and recently registered our daughter at a £23,000/yr private school, on the registration form he declined financial aid/bursary and put “business owner” under ‘occupation. Father has flown to ******* several times a year. He has taken our daughter skiing even recently at Christmas. WHERE DOES THE MONEY COME FROM? How is he paying his rent, paying mobile phone, paying utility bills, travel, food???? I sent the CMS evidence the father was paying his rent directly from his ******* bank account, but they did nothing about it.


All of this evidence I have sent to the CMS and they do NOTHING.


I have always had to contact them, they rarely contacted me first with any information or updates. Often they just tell me to call back in a few weeks and still we are nowhere every time.



I opened a new application with the CMS but the father of my child , despite living in the UK, did not have a National Insurance number therefore, they said, there was nothing they could do to help.



I opened a new application with the CMS as the father of my child now had a NI number. Despite the fact and evidence that the father of my child was working, the CMS said he was “nil rate” because his company was not UK-based. The father has signed a declaration to the CMS saying “until July 2016 he was earning £2,000 and since then was un-employed living of friends and family”. I sent the CMS evidence he was working. The application went to the FIU to determine if he was telling the truth or not. I also pointed out how was he paying £1,400 per month in rent if he was un-employed. I as told on the phone that they could calculate father’s income on his lifestyle but that never happened and they have since denied saying that.



The FIU at the CMS told me on the phone that because the father was not declaring income through HMRC while living in the UK they cannot trace his income. The father had admitted to the CMS he had income abroad but no income in the UK therefore he was entitled to pay child support as it’s based on UK income only.



Despite me sending evidence the father was working, CMS and the Fraud Dept. were unable to trace his income because his money is kept offshore. They only rely on the HMRC for their information-gathering and decision making.



I was told father’s lifestyle would be taken in to consideration but they never did. CMS claims they sent emails to father, still nothing on him with HMRC.



CMS told me they could see father had money and that they had to now calculate how much he had to pay. They said they “were pretty sure they can do better than nil rate” and that they were not taking the father’s word for it. CMS also informed me it was a red flag father had never filed a UK tax return when he should have.

I was misled by CMS, they said they would be in touch once the analysed father’s income and then payment schedules would be sent. They said it could take up to 12 weeks! That never happened.



Covid era: CMS not taking any calls. CMS has abandoned mothers desperate for child support.


Father started to illegally claim unemployment and housing benefits. He did not tell CMS his new AirBnB address. CMS told me as he is claiming benefits he is not automatically nil rate. Father is working, he is earning, keeps money in his bank accounts in ****** and *******.


I contacted my local MP, Ministry of Justice and the Home Office to get answers.



I have now started a Child Support Assessment Appeal. The Judge has asked the CMS to send paperwork but they have not done so. The CMS is now delaying my appeal.


Every day I am without child support is a day of financial and coercive control from the father. Every day I am without child support is because the CMS is useless. There are too many loopholes for dishonest fathers to jump through.


I beg Parliament to please


I thank you for your attention and I hope my statement will help other victims of a failed system that desperately needs fixing.


March 2022