Written evidence submitted anonymously



Having been involved with the original CSA from 2009 and now with the CMS. I can honestly say very little has seemed to have changed. The old organisation was corrupt and did not deal with complaints. CMS is exactly the same. I have put numerous complaints in and they have been ignored. I have even emailed the head of the CMS *********. The only reply I had off the CMS stated this isn’t the correct way to contact the service. There was no follow up on my complaint at all.


I have even involved my MP as the CMS has ignored my portal updates and complaints. He received a reply stating that I have never started a complaint with the CMS, even though I have the letter off ******* and the portal uploads screen shot. The portal is a disgrace in reality. It does not save any uploads at all. So any messages you send have no traceability.


Having spoken to numerous advisors about issues it is clear there is no actual guidance they are supposed to follow. I have been told that I have shared care and do not need to pay any maintenance after being made redundant. After 6 months being unemployed (where my benefits stopped), I received a letter saying I should be paying the exact same amount I was before I lost my job. Nothing seems to be logged correctly. Even the complaint with my MP was full of errors. My redundancy was paid via two payments. I told the CMS this, yet they have ignored that and claim I am still working for the previous employer even though the factory has closed and not a single employee is left there.


There is no accountability for what the advisors tell you. I have proved that I was lied to, yet nothing is done. Any organisation run in this manner would have been shut down a long long time ago.


It took them nearly 12 weeks to accept that I had lost my job, and was unemployed. I was told to continue to pay the same amount as when I was working up until they had a made a decision.


When I asked for the over payments to be refunded. I was ignored.


There needs to be an independent investigation into all this.


I know the CMS has pushed fathers to suicide and many that have come close.


When relationships break down the CMS system is based on limiting contact with the other parent. The less time they have the more they have to pay. This needs to change.


The parent with cares side of the story is always taken as fact. Even after providing evidence that the parent with care is lying, they still continue as if nothing has been proven.


March 2022