Written evidence submitted anonymously

I am writing about child maintenance service to give evidence to select committee of the House of Commons on the points you are asking for.

I believe cms is still using the same system and staff was trained in line with new cms regulations since 2012. I asked members of staff on the phone asking if they have ready the child service guide and child service law on how the cms do calculations and what the regulations says they can and can’t do, they all responded saying NO.

objectives cms has is to help parents come to agreement and are supposed to help people with payments and collecting payments,  I will start by saying I have never been a absent parent and always offered to help with money when I can in 2013 I was on 350pm and paying £80pm directly,  this was more than cms calculation online said to pay but my sons mum chose to use cms although I explained what calculations said with my income.

triage, case workers, financial investigation, auditors, complaints

i start with my complaints to cms, each time i have complained about their service since 2014 no complaint has ever been resolved on my side but closed on cms side with them stating times which is not sufficient to submit evidence, being only 30 days,   some of my p45s took over 2 months for me to receive even though i chased them up to obtain,

evidence i sent in the case workers did not update this information of... payments made, times i was not working, income amounts, ways to pay and shared care.

shared care of 1/7th have never been updated

income has never been updated to what HMRC evidence of income for years 2014-2021

payments made was finally updated in 2021 from 2014-2021 and cms lied saying they did not receive bank statements in 2015 but i found them in my case file in 2021

times was not in work has never been updated and many arears added £39pw is still yet to be fixed in 2021 they took off a few for times in 2016 and 2017 but there is still more which i sent them evidence of every time i was not working but was rejected.

i was on direct pay in 2019 but i had to sign on in 2020 because of covid cms did not give me a option to carry on paying directly and put me straight on collect and pay.

i have been through all departments and cms has not corrected my case in line with child service law.   in my audit i received in Jan 22 it shows income used to calculate which is different from HMRC income evidence  Eg (2020 annual assessment income saying over 16000) at this time i was on uc and cms was taking £36.40 from my uc benefits as i was not working.

every year income on the audit is wrong from 2014-2021 and HMRC have also stated on the phone they don’t know where they got their figures from.  

March 2022