Mr David Tylerwritten evidence (BFF0009)


House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee inquiry into BBC future funding


The fact that we are even debating the weakening and potential destruction of a fantastic British institution, that is respected worldwide, is shocking.


As someone who has seen the outstanding output over my whole life, I can only hope that common sense prevails and we retain the funding and support for the BBC.


This is a national Asset that is watched or listened to every week by the vast majority of British people, strangely even those who criticise it, and by up to 500 million worldwide. It plays a major part in keeping the UK as a respected and trusted Country.


The achievements of the BBC over the years on Radio, TV and now on Digital Output are immeasurable and benefits to our society and Country are immense.


We have reaped the benefits of some of the best output on TV and radio of Drama, Comedy, Entertainment, News, Documentaries, Childrens, Special Groups, Local commentary, Arts etc throughout its existence to create a better society for all of our citizens and many worldwide.


We have seen educational assistance throughout Covid (zero offered commercially) and are now witnessing arguably the best coverage of the Ukraine disaster as I write this.


I read today that the BBC has set up special shortwave radio to keep the people of Ukraine informed where usual output is not available – something we should all be proud of. Once again it demonstrates its importance and respect at home and globally.


Many of the above areas would not be given the same quantity (if any in some cases) and certainly not the same quality of production from commercial sources or a reduced BBC.


It still offers fantastic value for money which is not even comparable elsewhere.

Its Uniqueness, Charter, Impartiality and Funding needs to be defended and supported and not threatened.


This is a National asset that we should take great pride in and requires protection and support going forward so that all of us and our children can retain the benefits that it has always offered and hopefully will continue to do so.


Please Save Our BBC.



2 Mach 2022