Written evidence submitted by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (SPI0053)


RE: Spiking as a separate criminal offence


We are writing to you as the joint leads for the APCC’s Addictions and Substance Misuse portfolio on the issue of spiking, following PCC Joy Allen’s appearance in front of the Committee on 26 January.

On the issue of whether spiking should be made a separate criminal offence, we have been able to obtain the views of 12 Commissioners (including PCCs, PFCCs and Deputy Mayors), all of whom were supportive. This sample includes our views as joint leads of the APCC portfolio, however please note that this response should not be seen as reflective of the views of all APCC members due to the sample size.

Please find at Annex A some supporting views shared by the respondents which we hope will provide further assistance to your inquiry.


Kind regards,

Joy Allen                                                                     David Sidwick

Durham PCC                                                              Dorset PCC

APCC Joint Lead,                                                        APCC Joint Lead,

Addictions and                                                           Addictions and

Substance Misuse Portfolio                                    Substance Misuse Portfolio




Annex A


Please see below for some supporting views shared by those surveyed:










February 2022