Written evidence from Brian Chandler


Coroners evidence


The fact that bereaved families are not allowed legal aid for proper representation at Coroners inquests is grossly unfair. In our case, a homicide in Greece, the British perpetrator was given legal aid to appeal against the first Coroner's verdict of “Unlawful killing", by way of a Judicial review in the High Court.  We, as the bereaved family had no such access to legal representation, either at the High Court, or at the subsequent second inquest , as directed by the High Court. Had it not been for the timely intervention by the Charity “Murdered Abroad", who successfully found us a “pro bono" solicitor, and barrister for representation at both the above, we would not have been able to achieve the correct verdict at the second inquest – a re-enforced “ Unlawful killing" result.


September 2020