Written evidence from Howard Gordon (HAB0121)


The PIP form was over 40 pages long, impossible to complete myself following my Dementia diagnosis

I had help completing the form which was a lengthy tiring process

The Assessment was a horrible experience

The Assessment was done by a young woman, I think an OT who showed no understanding of Dementia

I was having a difficult day and she said that if I didn’t answer her questions, she would cancel my application

At times she talked to my wife and ignored what I said

I was turned down with no points, I understand that Dementia should get at least 10 points

The written assessment bore no resemblance to me and appeared to be copied and pasted from other people’s assessments and or standard replies

I could not face appealing as the experience had a negative effect on my mental health

Subsequently I have had no regular income for 4 years which has stopped me doing all the things I would choose to do which breaches my Rights under International Law via the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which the UK is a signatory to and legally bound by.


February 2022