Member of the public (RHR0003)


Over the last couple of years I have been subject to family  court proceedings which have been extremely hard on me and my children.


It all started out by me having concerns around my children’s dads partner and inappropriate behaviour which my daughter had spoken up to me about.


I am mixed race with the children’s dad being white and everyone in the court process being white, including the social worker working with the children.


From the very beginning I was the one that was criminalised and judged. Not one person wanted to help or listen to me. I was ripped to pieces and stereotyped from this first moment to local authority go involved with my case even though I was the one trying to protect my children.


I was not listen to, my opinions not heard and when I challenged things that were not right I was labelled angry, aggressive or uncooperative when all I was doing was protecting my children.


In court I pointed out many of biases I faced and pointed out areas of systemic and institutionalised racism, yet no one wanted to listen to me.

I was just a brown voice in front of all these white professionals even though I am a professional myself and work in a youth offenders estates as a [****] also doing a degree in criminology and psychology.


My children were taken from me earlier this year due to lies the local authority have said and the lies told by my children’s dad. Whenever the children’s dad made up lie after lie the local authority took this as being the truth rather than checking with me the validity to this lie, which this lie was then put in the local authorities report and therefore had no leg to stand on even when contested in court. I am a good mother who has brought the children up in her own pretty much but end up having the taken off me through an unfair court/justice system all because I am a person of colour.