Written evidence fromRosemary Tozer

I am pleased to have the opportunity to submit evidence to the Justice Committee as the bereaved parent of a 36yr old man Daniel (Danny) Tozer. He died in September 2015 following an unsupported & unwitnessed epileptic seizure while living in a supported living house run by Mencap, commissioned by City of York Council and partial NHS funding. Danny had autism and a learning disability and epilepsy and could not use speech to communicate. He had been left alone awake in his bedroom for 35 minutes. However his support plans stated that he should be checked every 5-10 minutes and an ambulance called if a seizure lasted more than 5 minutes.

After being found in cardiac arrest by staff, his heart was restarted by paramedics and he was rushed to hospital but after failing to revive after sedation on life support, he was brain dead by the following evening. Danny was a healthy young man & he subsequently donated his organs to help 5 people.  At that time ICU consultants agreed that a seizure had preceded his death and if put in the recovery position he would probably have survived.

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