Written evidence submitted by Miss Sophie Meehan

Commons Select Committee Question/Statement

There needs to be an appeals process for Centre Assessment Grades (CAG) based on how the school awarded the grades in comparison to other schools nationally?

I attended Bishop Veseys Grammar School (BVGS) in Birmingham and was offered a place at Plymouth University for 2020 to study Medicine but needed AAA. I was given BBB in my CAG’s and so have missed out on University.

The Head of Centre for BVGS has said publically that he adjusted the grades down to fit the previous 3 x years results.

Other schools nationally, which is proven by the massive uplift in exam results, took a ‘holistic view of the students of what grade they could achieve if the exam had taken place’ as advised by OfQual and therefore didn’t adjust the figures to suit the previous 3 x years.

BVGS Uplift in A* - A was 8.3%

National Uplift for A* to A was 52%

I now face the task of taking 3 x A levels in Autumn (5 x weeks away), re-sitting my UCAT medical exam, applying again for 2021 and having to go through the whole Medical interview process again in the hope of getting an offer in a very competitive 2021.

Therefore we need to allow CAG grades to be appealed based on how the HOC interpreted and adjusted the figures.


August 2020