Mr Neil Bye - Written Evidence (LBC0159)


During the covid epidemic I have enjoyed quiet streets and the increase in birdsong. I have been impressed by the growing general interest in nature, and in mindfulness and stunned to see the extent that people cared for each other.


I fear a second wave because I see people breaking and relaxing rules everywhere. I also fear that vested interests and a desire to make Brexit work will distract the government from the green recovery that is essential so we can lead the world in saving the world at the upcoming COP.


Naturally I would like all the plus points in my first paragraph to continue. Besides that I would like to see a rapid stop to funding fossil fuels, the money should chanelled to a green recovery. We need to increase renewable energy. Carbon efficient housing and public buildings would save money in the long run. Our cities can be made more liveable with more green spaces and vastly improved and free public transport. We can assure a green future with more education in schools on the environmental and climate emergency. A more equitable society could be achieved by people's assemblies with real power. We need electric cars and hydrogen heavy vehicles, we should cut down flying . Growing more food at home would give us a secure food supply.  Promote a meat free diet and organic agriculture would enable this.


27 August 2020