Written evidence from Dr Alan Billings, Police and Crime Commissioner at Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire


I am the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for South Yorkshire, elected to office in 2016 by members of the South Yorkshire public.  I am also the Chairman of the local criminal justice board. 

As set out in my Police and Crime Plan, I look to do all that I can to help keep our local communities safe: to tackle crime, protect the vulnerable and to treat people fairly.  I am keen to ensure that the future Probation Service is one that works, and works well.  Also, I want to be assured that those managing the latest Probation reforms have learned lessons from previous reforms, and are enabled to set up a new Probation service that can and will be successful, from Day 1. 

I provide evidence in relation to those matters where I believe I am best able to make comment and offer a valuable contribution to the inquiry.


Q1: What are you views on the decision to end the competition for Probation Delivery Partners, and bring those services back into NPS delivery?


Q3: What are your views on the new model of probation?

What do you like about the new model?

What do you dislike?


Q4: Does the new model address the issue of confidence in community sentence options?

If yes, how?

If no, why not?


Q5: The new model aims to strengthen integration between prisons and probation by integrating through-the-gate roles, processes and products with sentence management. What is your view on this? Do you anticipate any gaps/challenges?

Q6: What progress has been made in implementing the probation reforms in Wales?

What lessons have been learnt so far and how are these being shared?


Dynamic Framework

Q8: Does the new model offer a level playing field for small and specialist voluntary and third sector organisations in regard to the commissioning? Given the challenges in the previous model, how will a new national service secure input from smaller providers?


What impact has Covid-19 had on this, if any?

Q9: What is the anticipated effect of procuring resettlement and rehabilitative services using a dynamic framework?

Do you foresee any problems with this model?


Q14: The Ministry of Justice made the decision to end the competition for Probation Delivery Partners and bring these services into the NPS. These services are to go live in June 2021; is there sufficient time to transition probation over to the new model?

If anything, what needs to be taken into consideration during this time?



Q17: What impact has Covid-19 had on the probation service?

-          the immediate impact and/or

-          the anticipated long-term impact



Q19: Are there any other areas relating to the Probation Reform Programme that you would like to brief the Committee on, that are not already covered by the Terms of Reference above? (If yes, please provide information)



August 2020