Written evidence submitted by A Parent


My sons head teacher at his school in deciding CAG’s took the grades given by my sons subject teachers and then downgraded them to match similar grades give to past pupils over previous years.


A lawyer from Simpson Millar has advised that second guessing the algorithm being used by Ofqual and downgrading students grades to fit those of previous years students was not supposed to happen and if any school has allocated grades in this way it is unlawful and constitutes to malpractice. He has advised schools who have done this to contact the exam boards to notify them of this malpractice.


The fact that my sons teachers gave my son grades which were then downgraded to fit the grades of previous students of the school goes against the declaration signed by the headteacher, which he signed to say the grade given to my son and other students was the grade they believe a student would have achieved if teaching, learning and assessments had gone ahead as planned.


This is therefore clearly malpractice and maladministration and should be treated as such, you should investigate this on behalf of the thousands of students that have been affected by the schools downgrading grades in this manner.


August 2020