Ms Tessa Rigby – Written Evidence (LBC0116)


Are there any positives you would take from this pandemic?


I had a very quiet time. The animals came on our property more than usual including deer.

Work was more relaxed, and I spent less.


What are the things that you are most worried about?


The government being advised and influenced by people in the payroll of multinational corporations for example Neil Ferguson who works at the  the Imperial college which receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And, his wildly inaccurate predictions which were followed by the government and were completely wrong.


Matt Hancock reputed to having dubious vested interests.


Why the government’s risk assessment for the UK was devoid of any consideration of the fall out of -

• mental health issues

    the suffering of people not receiving care in hospitals for cancer care, heart treatment etc

    the suffering resulting from our economy now on it's knees

    following bad science for masks which clearly serve very little function other than to continue a state of fear which is bad for health and recovery for us as a nation

    the suffering of isolation and people dieing alone, unable to be with their relatives and loved ones

    the meaningless existence for those now unemployed or waiting to return to uni who have very little options of things now to do.

    The treatment of the elderly in care homes


Laws/rules which violate our right to freedom of


  to earn a living

  to educate ourselves and children

  to practice our religion

  and right to bodily integrity - ordering the wearing of face masks

  and the intention to extend these laws for another two years.


The skewed numbers of covid deaths reported.


The test being used for covid which the inventor of the test has said it is not accurate.


My mum who has been recently widowed as well as having gone into intensive care and almost died from a road traffic accident and during all this time was alone


My daughters mental health who found her changed living conditions because of covid, difficult to deal with.


My sons mental health who has no work. No income. Little access to his family.


The people in my community who are lonely, unwell from things other than covid and too scared to meet with people.


The power and control that the Pharmaceutical industry and the vaccine industry has on our government.


The infiltration of media by commercial/vested interests distorting facts and truths


The division between people for example those who believe in vaccinations and those who don’t.


What do you most hope changes for the better?


That all living beings genuinely care for and cherish each other in every single area of society without exception


22 August 2020