Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton-Keynes Strategic Co Production Group – Written Evidence (LBC0105)


Who we are: The BLMK Strategic Coproduction Group is a friendly mixed group of people with practical & relevant lived experience of long term conditions & disabilities, and family members caring for a loved one. What we do: We work in partnership with professional decision makers to create co-designed solutions for personalised health & social care. We bring the experiences of people with long term conditions & disabilities and their carers to ensure peoples voices are heard and used to shape policy and practice. 

House of Lord’s Question: We’re asking you to think several years ahead. For you as an individual (or organisation), and for us all as a society:



Recommendation for the future and what we most hope changes for the better

Are there any positives you would take from this pandemic?

The environment / air quality is better (no haze in the sky above our village from plane travel), so easier for those with respiratory problems to breathe.

Have fewer flights.

Educate the public about food waste. Increase green affordable housing is reasonably priced housing that incorporates sustainable features

Remove unnecessary packing from items. Create new ways of recycling PPE. Maintain online hospital appointments, no more sitting in hospitals. To include lived experience in all policy developments


More birds in the gardens e.g. 8 green parakeets, kingfishers and animals e.g voles

We need to learn lessons, about destruction to the environment and impact on human health before it is too late. Disinvest in HS2, save 300 ancient forests.

What are the things that you are most worried about?

More rubbish on the parks now that people are walking more

See above


Hope for the next generation, those who are destitute, numbers of which could increase.

Concern for homelessness, as well as tenants not  aware of tier rights

Concern for domestic abuse and new mothers who are vulnerable, as well as vulnerable children. How can home visits be reinstated by social workers and health workers

Support people who are homeless, but don’t isolate them in hotels. Use idea of Cambridge City Council which has been gifted 16 single-person pods, to place at three sites in the city. Planning permission is being sought for more modular homes to support homeless people as lockdown rules ease.’ Consider new homes policy, and provide affordable homes for those who are vulnerable (e.g homes of multiple occupation) or as Finland, see article  (Finland is the only EU country where homelessness is falling. It’s secret? Giving people homes as soon as they need them – unconditionally). Educate tenants about their rights and responsibilities vis a vis landlords, could use TV as a medium for communication. Support those who need help with work, drug and rehabilitation. Create a universal basic income & guaranteed basic quality of life.


How will young people have an education, get jobs, and have a social life. Concern about those who are redundant and then companies employing people at lower pay

Enforce government policy of this in the future

Broadband needs to be improved in the future, can be patchy for villages


19 August 2020