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Moving animals across borders


As a result of the UK leaving the EU and being granted “national listed status” as a third country, the movement of animals across borders faces a raft of regulation changes. This means that exports of live animals (for slaughter and fattening) from Great Britain (GB) to the EU and Northern Ireland can continue, although the Government is proposing a ban. There are also changes to the requirements for pets travelling between GB and the EU or Northern Ireland, with GB-issued pet passports no longer valid for travel. Furthermore, from July, new border controls will be put in place by the UK, requiring imported horses entering GB to go through a Border Control Post.

This inquiry scrutinises the impact of the new agreement and relationship with the EU on how animals can be moved across borders, focusing on live animal exports, equines (horses, ponies and donkeys) and domestic animals. The scope of the inquiry covers impacts on animal health including disease outbreak, economic interests, the capacity of the UK to adapt to new regulations, and the illegal movements of animals across borders.