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Further call for evidence for National security machinery inquiry

25 March 2021

Following the publication of the Government’s Integrated Review on 16 March, the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (JCNSS) seeks further written evidence for its inquiry into the National security machinery. For these aspects, Chapters 2, 4 and 5 of the Integrated Review appear most relevant.

We seek submissions, by 30 April, on the way the Integrated Review addresses aspects of the machinery. These could include, for example:

  • the link between the Strategic Framework and spending reviews;
  • how departments tackle cross-cutting challenges with clearer accountability for delivery;
  • deeper integration across government, building on the Fusion Doctrine;
  • what “a comprehensive national resilience strategy” should entail;
  • what “the responsible use of new data platforms, digital tools and participative processes to support policy-making and improve inclusivity and transparency” should entail;
  • how ‘red-teaming’ might be introduced into national security decision-making; and
  • the pros and cons of the proposed Performance & Planning Framework, Evaluation Taskforce and Outcome Delivery Plans.

Our Terms of Reference for this inquiry published on 4 January can be found here.

Further information

Image: CC, Matthew Hartley