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Streaming giant Netflix to be questioned by MPs, alongside Sky and Channel 5

11 September 2020

MPs will hear from senior executives on Netflix’s role as the leading subscription video on demand service in the UK in its inquiry into the future of public service broadcasting and the impact of streaming services. The session will focus on Netflix’s relationships with the public service broadcasters as a competitor, co-producer and customer, as well as Netflix’s content and plans for its UK operations.

Purpose of the session

Sky senior executives will also give evidence on its work in creating public service content as a commercial broadcaster. The impact of Covid-19 on Sky’s programming and business will also be explored after a drop in revenue of £575 million was reported at the end of July.

The Committee will also take evidence from Channel 5 leaders on its remit as a public service broadcaster and how its content, funding and regulation compares with other broadcasters and streaming services.


Tuesday 15 September

At 10.00am

  • Anne Mensah, Vice President of Original Series, Netflix
  • Benjamin King, Director of Public Policy, UK and Ireland, Netflix

At approx. 10.45:

  • Zai Bennett, Managing Director of Content, Sky
  • Ali Law, Director of Policy, UK and Ireland, Sky

At approx. 11.30:

  • Maria Kyriacou, President, ViacomCBS Networks UK and Australia
  • Mitchell Simmons, Vice President, Government Relations EMEA, ViacomCBS

Further information

Image: Creative Commons