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Water Quality in Rivers


The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) is holding an inquiry into water quality in rivers. The EAC has previously inquired into nitrate pollution so this inquiry intends to focus on the water industry and urban diffuse pollution.

For more information about this inquiry read the call for evidence.

Read the interactive summary of the report.

Work news

Government plans to address nutrient pollution in waterways
Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP Reacts to the Government’s plans to address nutrient pollution in waterways
20 July 2022
Statement: EA environmental performance report on water and sewerage companies
Environmental Audit Committee Chairman, Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP, makes a statement
14 July 2022
Statement: OEP launches investigation into the regulation of combined sewer overflows
Environmental Audit Committee Chairman, Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP, reacts to the announcement
28 June 2022
Government increases its ambition on water quality after decades of inaction
Environmental Audit Committee publishes Government Response to Water Quality in Rivers report
16 May 2022
Government announcement on sewage discharges
Philip Dunne MP reacts to announcement by the Environment Secretary on tackling sewage discharges
31 March 2022
Government accepts a number of EAC recommendations to improve water quality in rivers and hold water companies to account
The Government’s Strategic Policy Statement (SPS) guidance to Ofwat has reflected a number of recommendations made by the Environmental Audit Committee
2 February 2022
‘Chemical cocktail’ of sewage, slurry and plastic polluting English rivers puts public health and nature at risk
Environmental Audit Committee warns poor water quality in English rivers is a result of chronic underinvestment
13 January 2022
Environment Agency and Ofwat investigation into sewage treatment works
The chairman of the Environmental Audit Committee reacts to EA’s and Ofwat’s investigation into sewage treatment works.
18 November 2021
Water company CEOs questioned on pollution failures
The Environmental Audit Committee quiz bosses from five of the largest water and sewerage companies in England
7 October 2021
Environmental Audit Committee to hold Defra Minister to account on UK’s polluted rivers
Committee to question Minister Rebecca Pow from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
10 September 2021
EAC comment: Environment Bill amendments – storm overflows
Chair comments on the Government’s new amendments to the Environment Bill relating to storm overflows
27 August 2021
MPs quiz water regulators on pollution in rivers
The Environmental Audit Committee takes evidence from the Environment Agency, Ofwat and Highways England.
18 June 2021
EAC to hear from water companies and industry experts on fatbergs and sustainable drainage
Environmental Audit Committee explores how to retrofit sustainable drainage and how they should be maintained
21 May 2021
Ofwat announcement on new investment in environmental projects
Philip Dunne MP reacts to the Ofwat announcement that the water sector is set to invest £2.8 billion in environmental projects
17 May 2021
Here Comes The Summer: but are our waterways safe to be enjoyed recreationally?
The Committee will hear from leading academics and environmental campaigners as part of the inquiry considering the Water quality in rivers
19 April 2021
Academics and environmental NGOs questioned on water quality in rivers
The Environmental Audit Committee examines sewage discharges and other chemical and plastic pollution
4 March 2021
Specialist Adviser vacancy for EAC scrutiny of ‘Water quality in rivers’
Environmental Audit Committee is seeking specialist adviser to help with its Water Quality in Rivers inquiry.
18 December 2020
Water Quality in Rivers inquiry launched
The Environmental Audit Committee wants to know how can water quality in UK rivers be improved and pollution minimised?
8 December 2020
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