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Written evidence

Water Quality in Rivers

Total results 95 (page 4 of 5)
Consumer Council for Water - CCW (WQR0033)
Dr John Iwan Jones (Research Leader at Queen Mary University of London) (WQR0034)
Dr Martin Wilkes (Assistant Professor at Coventry University), and Dr Morwenna Mckenzie (Postdoctoral researcher at Coventry University) (WQR0035)
Wiltshire Fishery Association (WQR0036)
Catchment-Based Approach Urban Water Group (CUWG) (WQR0037)
Anglian Water Services Ltd (WQR0038)
Alison Davis (WQR0039)
Natural England (WQR0040)
Albion Water (WQR0016)
Policy Connect (WQR0017)
Whitewater Valley Preservation Society (WQR0018)
Upper Thames Fisheries Consultative committee (WQR0019)
Mark Purvis (Consultant at Self-employed) (WQR0020)
Aquatic Consultancy Service (WQR0021)
CHEM Trust (WQR0022)
British Canoeing (WQR0023)
Save Our South Coast Alliance (WQR0024)
Wessex Water Services Ltd (WQR0025)
Mr Peter Lloyd (WQR0026)
Langstone Harbour Board (WQR0027)
Total results 95 (page 4 of 5)