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ICAI's review of support for the African Development Bank


Report and Government response published

The International Development Sub-Committee on the work of the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) held an evidence session on UK support to the African Development Bank.

The Report found that since its inception, the African Development Bank has offered valuable financial assistance to developing countries across the continent. The Sub-Committee’s report demonstrates that the UK’s support of the Bank should be viewed as a real success story for UK aid, promoting economic development while also achieving UK priorities ranging from supporting fragile states to gender equality.

However, Africa does face the major challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the growing threat from climate change. I hope the Bank rises to these challenges, supported by its donors. Funds should be made more accessible to support recovery from covid-19. Following COP26 in Glasgow, eyes will be on the continent as there will be an African host of COP27, therefore investment in green technologies and innovation is key, and the African Development Bank can play a major role in realising this potential.

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