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Written evidence

Women in the Armed Forces: From Recruitment to Civilian Life

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Ministry of Defence (WAF0080)
Anonymous (WAF0067)
Anonymous (WAF0037)
Ministry of Defence (WAF0079)
Anonymous Veteran WRNS/RN Officer (WAF0010)
Ministry of Defence (WAF0057)
Women in Ground Close Combat - paper based on experiences Elaine Dobson (SSM Y Sqn at Royal Wessex Yeomanry Regiment - Army Reserves) (WAF0001)
Justice4Troops (WAF0078)
Anonymous (WAF0076)
Anonymous (WAF0054)
Anonymous (WAF0052)
justine montgomery (WAF0048)
Anonymous (WAF0024)
Commander Andrew Loring (SO1 Maritime - Defence Force Development at Director General Joint Force Development (UK Strategic Command)) (WAF0017)
Anonymous (WAF0002)
Anonymous (WAF0005)
Child Rights International Network (CRIN) (WAF0077)
Dr Rachel Fenton (Senior Lecturer in Law and Speak Out Guardian at The University of Exeter) (WAF0073)
Miss Amy Victoria Denton (Analytical Consultant at TP Group) (WAF0068)
Professor Anthony King (Chair of War Studies at University of Warwick) (WAF0066)
Total results 43 (page 1 of 3)