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Access to High Street Banking in Wales


In Wales, the number of bank and building society branches fell from 695 in 2012 to just 435 in 2022, and already 22 high street bank branch closures have been announced for 2024.

This inquiry will explore the future provision of high street banking, which groups are most adversely affected by branch closures, and whether alternatives to traditional bank branches can mitigate the negative consequences of branches closing.

The Committee is inviting written submissions by May 8 2024. These should focus on, but are not limited to: 

  • Which regions or communities are most affected by the loss of high street bank branches and access to cash?
  • Which social groups are most affected by high street bank branch closures?
  • What is the impact on customers and small businesses of losing access to high street banks?
  • Are the issues arising from bank branch closures more acute in Wales than in other parts of the UK?
  • Does the existing regulatory environment ensure that physical banking infrastructure is accessible to customers in Wales?
  • Are the current replacements for high street banks (including banking hubs, banking vans and community banks) adequate and do they provide communities with sufficient access to cash?

This inquiry is no longer accepting evidence

The deadline for submissions was Wednesday 8 May 2024.

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