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Call for evidence - BEIS Committee session on Brexit preparedness

18 November 2020

Ahead of an evidence session on business preparedness for Brexit (on Tuesday 8 December), the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee has issued a call for evidence submissions.

Chair's comments

Darren Jones, Chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee said:

“We are only a matter of weeks away from the end of the Brexit transition period and it’s clear that few businesses feel ready for Brexit and what’s to come on 1st January 2021. Deal or no-deal, Brexit will bring huge changes for businesses at a time when they have been hit by the impact of corononavirus restrictions and, crucially, trying to deal with a lack of clarity from Government on many of the Brexit trade and regulatory issues which are coming down the track.

I hope firms, unions, and others from a range of sectors and industries will let us know their views on the preparedness of businesses for a deal or no-deal Brexit. We will be keen to hear what measures, advice and support businesses are crying out for from Government, even at this late stage, to help mitigate the disruption they are likely to face from 1 January 2021.”

Witness details for the session on Tuesday 8 December will be confirmed in due course but are likely to include businesses and representative business groups from the food and drink sector, financial and related professional services, the automotive and chemical industries, and from pharmaceuticals.

The Committee welcomes evidence submissions on issues relating to business preparedness for Brexit. The closing date for submissions is Monday 30 November.

Further information

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