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Written evidence

The future of news: impartiality, trust and technology

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NewsNow Publishing Limited (FON0051)
Community Policy Forum (FON0050)
Dr Dani Madrid-Morales (Lecturer in Journalism and Global Communication at University of Sheffield) (FON0049)
Dr Irini Katsirea (Reader in International Media Law at University of Sheffield) (FON0048)
Prof Rafael Alejandro Calvo (Chair in Design Engineering at Imperial College London) (FON0047)
Professional Publishers Association (FON0046)
NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) (FON0045)
Dr Francois Nel (Reader/Associate Professor of Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Central Lancashire) (FON0044)
Getty Images (UK) Ltd (FON0043)
Sense about Science (FON0042)
Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (North) (FON0040)
IAB UK (FON0039)
Local TV Network (FON0038)
Dr. Gianfranco Polizzi (Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Liverpool), and Professor Tom Harrison (Professor of Education at University of Birmingham) (FON0037)
News Media Coalition (FON0036)
Professor Rowan Cruft (Professor of Philosophy at University of Stirling), Professor Fabienne Peter (Professor of Philosophy at University of Warwick), Dr Natalie Alana Ashton (Research Associate at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Dr Michele Giavazzi (Postdoctoral Fellow at Ludwig Maximilians University Munich), and Dr Jonathan Heawood (Senior Research Fellow and Executive Director at Norms for the New Public Sphere project and Public Interest News Foundation) (FON0035)
Broadcast 2040+ Campaign (FON0034)
Mr Shuyang Hu (Robotics Innovator; Doctoral Researcher at Eureka Robotic Centre, Cardiff Metropolitan University), and Dr Esyin Chew (Director of EUREKA Robotics Centre at Cardiff School of Technologies, Cardiff Metropolitan University) (FON0033)
Public Interest News Foundation (FON0032)
Total results 72 (page 2 of 4)