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Common Framework on Food and Feed Safety and Hygiene


When the UK was a member of the EU, EU law on food and feed safety and hygiene applied to all nations within the UK. EU regulations were transferred into domestic legislation as retained EU law. These regulations cover:

  • General principles and requirements of food and feed safety and hygiene;
  • Food and feed law enforcement (official controls);
  • Food safety labelling;
  • Risk analysis; and
  • Incident handling.

The Common Framework for Food and Feed Safety and Hygiene (the FFSH Framework) sets out ways of working for the four nations of the UK after the end of the transition period – it does not require legislation. It has been developed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA, for England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS). The framework does not apply to policy areas that fall under the scope of the Northern Ireland Protocol, where EU rules will continue to apply.