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Humanitarian situation in Gaza


Report and Government response published

Since the Hamas terrorist atrocities of 7 October 2023, the International Development Committee has held three urgent evidence hearings in Parliament, and Members of the Committee recently returned from the aid logistics centre and hospital at Al-Arish in North Sinai where some badly injured Palestinian civilians have been evacuated for care.

But the vast majority of the population of Gaza, including those working for international aid agencies, have been unable to leave.

Those providing aid – professionals who have seen much suffering in war and disasters around the world – have testified there are not words left to describe what is happening to civilians in Gaza. These passionate, normally eloquent people are left speechless and say they feel powerless after what they have witnessed: not least the speed, the intensity and the fact that the situation is so obviously 100 per cent man-made.

Read the Report and Government response: Humanitarian situation in Gaza


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