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FCDO Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23


The Committee will scrutinise the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO) Annual Report and Accounts for 2022-23.

Senior FCDO officials will likely be questioned on the Department’s Annual Report and Accounts, including issues relating to BBC World Service funding. Approximately 25% of BBWS funding is provided through the FCDO, with the rest coming from the licence fee. In January 2022, the Government announced the freezing of the licence fee until April 2024. The Government confirmed the continuing involvement of the FCDO in funding the BBWS in November 2022.

If you have new evidence on these issues, please submit it here by 23:59 on Friday 10 November 2023. 

Please look at the requirements for written evidence submissions and note that the Committee cannot accept material as evidence that is published elsewhere.