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Restoration and Renewal Recall


The Committee is recalling senior Parliamentary officials including the Tom Goldsmith, who was appointed Clerk of the House of Commons in March 2023 and will take up the post in October including the role of Accounting Officer for the project. The inquiry will explore progress on the project ahead of a debate on the subject in the House of Commons due to take place in December 2023.

The Committee has previously reported on the failures of transparency and “wasteful, nugatory spending” in the programme, and expressed serious concern about ongoing risks and hazards in the deteriorating UNESCO World Heritage Site. In May 2023, the Committee warned of the “real and rising risk” that the Palace of Westminster will be destroyed by a catastrophic event before it is restored.

If you have new evidence on the Restoration and Renewal programme in Parliament please submit it here by 23:59 on Friday 6 October.

Please have a look at the requirements for written evidence submissions and note the Committee cannot accept material as evidence that has been published elsewhere.