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Written evidence

British film and high-end television

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Screen Manchester (FIL0087)
Bectu (FIL0088)
Faisal Qureshi (Producer/Writer at Freelance) (FIL0089)
Elle Jay Bea HR Consulting Ltd (FIL0090)
Department for Culture, Media and Sport (FIL0061)
Mr Neil Chordia (Head of Scripted/Executive Producer at ie:entertainment) (FIL0062)
COBA (FIL0063)
UK Research and Innovation (FIL0064)
Professor Lisa Purse (Professor of Film at University of Reading), Dr Dominic Lees (Associate Professor in Filmmaking at University of Reading), Mr Andrew Philip (Knowledge Exchange Fellow at University of Reading), and Dr Shweta Ghosh (Lecturer in Screen Practices and Industries at University of Reading) (FIL0065)
Dr Heidi Ashton (Associate Professor at University of Warwick) (FIL0066)
The Ivors Academy of Music Creators, and The Musicians' Union (FIL0067)
Independent Cinema Office (FIL0068)
Stead (FIL0069)
NBCUniversal International Ltd. (FIL0070)
AD Branch Bectu & AD Guild (FIL0071)
Miss Helen Simmons (Producer / Company Director at Erebus Pictures Limited) (FIL0072)
Theo Morgan (FIL0074)
Mr. Alexander Gleason (FIL0075)
Total results 135 (page 4 of 7)