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Written evidence

British Film and High-End Television

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Feref (FIL0136)
Association of Camera Operators (ACO) (FIL0137)
Dr Ken Griffin (FIL0138)
Anonymised (FIL0121)
Dr Katherine Champion (Senior Lecturer Media and Communications at University of Stirling), and Dr Lisa Kelly (Senior Lecturer Television Studies at University of Glasgow) (FIL0122)
Screen Alliance North, Screen Manchester, Liverpool Film Office, and North East Screen (FIL0123)
Film Archives UK (FIL0124)
Pinball London Ltd (FIL0125)
British Film Institute (FIL0126)
Documentary Film Council (FIL0127)
Welsh Government (FIL0128)
Pinewood Group Limited (FIL0129)
Doc Society (FIL0130)
Thulsa Doom (FIL0131)
Paramount (FIL0132)
Warner Bros. Discovery (FIL0133)
Dr Ryan Bramley (Lecturer in Education & Academic Lead for Student Support, University of Sheffield) (FIL0134)
Amazon (FIL0135)
Yorkshire Film Archive (FIL0106)
Mr Eugenio Triana (Course Leader and Senior Lecturer, Film Distribution and Marketing Masters at Birmingham City University) (FIL0107)
Total results 128 (page 1 of 7)