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Written evidence

FCDO and disability-inclusive development

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Anonymised (DIS0026)
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (DIS0025)
Lauren Watters, Bond DDG co-chair and AbleChildAfrica (DIS0024)
Bond Mental Health and Psychosocial Disabilities sub-group, and Network for Africa (DIS0020)
Protection Approaches (DIS0021)
International Organisation for Migration (DIS0022)
VSO (DIS0023)
The Leprosy Mission Nepal (DIS0001)
The Leprosy Mission Trust India (DIS0002)
The Leprosy Mission Nigeria (DIS0003)
World Food Programme (DIS0004)
The Leprosy Mission England and Wales (DIS0005)
FHI 360 (DIS0006)
Disability Rights Fund (DIS0007)
UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) (DIS0008)
Institute of Development Studies (DIS0009)
CBM UK (Global Disability Inclusion) (DIS0010)
International Disability Alliance (DIS0011)
Age International (DIS0012)
FCDO (DIS0013)
Total results 26 (page 1 of 2)