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Ofsted’s work with schools


The Education Committee has launched an inquiry into Ofsted’s work with schools. The inquiry aims to assess how well Ofsted is fulfilling its role in inspecting schools and whether and how it could be improved, to inform the work of the incoming His Majesty’s Chief Inspector. The inquiry will look at the impact of Ofsted judgements on schools and pupils, including the impact on workload and wellbeing for all members of the school community, and the usefulness of Ofsted inspections for schools and parents.

The inquiry will also look at Ofsted’s complaints procedure and assess how accountable Ofsted is in its work.

It will also explore the impact of the new Education Inspection Framework introduced in 2019.

Read the call for evidence for more detail about the inquiry.

Please note that the Committee is not able to investigate individual cases in its work. This inquiry will not examine the events that preceded the death of Ruth Perry. Inquests are not discussed in Parliament whilst they are open. This is set out in the sub judice resolution agreed by the House. Its purpose is to prevent Parliament from seeming to interfere in the work of the courts. 



This inquiry is no longer accepting evidence

The deadline for submissions was Thursday 20 July 2023.

Reports, special reports and government responses

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First Report - Ofsted’s work with schools
Inquiry Ofsted’s work with schools
HC 117

Oral evidence transcripts

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8 November 2023
Inquiry Ofsted’s work with schools
Witnesses Nick Gibb (Minister of State for Schools at Department for Education), and Juliet Chua (Director General for Schools at Department for Education)
Oral Evidence
8 November 2023
Inquiry Ofsted’s work with schools
Witnesses Amanda Spielman (His Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education and Children's Services at Ofsted)
Oral Evidence
24 October 2023
Inquiry Ofsted’s work with schools
Witnesses Sir Michael Wilshaw, Former HMCI, and Lord Knight of Weymouth (Former Schools Minister and Chair at Beyond Ofsted inquiry)
Oral Evidence
Ms Frances Hart (Retired Montessori Teacher at The Childrens House Montessori School) (OWS0071)
Mrs Sophie Greenaway (Headteacher at Thameside Primary School) (OWS0006)
Mr Bellamy (OWS0282)

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