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HMRC performance in 2019-20


Every year the NAO prepares a report on HMRC’s performance and efficiency in the previous accounting year, which is published alongside the HMRC’s Annual Report and Accounts when they are laid in Parliament – for 2019-20’s accounts this is expected in early November.

Soon after, the Committee will take evidence from senior officials at HMRC on the NAO’s findings and issues raised in the report, building on recent inquiries into management of tax reliefs and tackling the tax gap .

The hearing will focus on the administration of HMRC as well as its role in the Government response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Committee will also take evidence specifically on the Covid-19 job support schemes in November, as part of its ongoing programme of work across the Government’s response to the pandemic.

Written evidence relevant to this inquiry should be submitted here by 6.00pm Wednesday 11 November.