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Insect decline and UK food security to be examined by MPs

20 March 2023

The impact of insect decline, including on UK food supply, is the focus of the Commons Science and Technology Committee’s new inquiry.

There are growing concerns that insect numbers and diversity are in decline globally, threatening biodiversity and important processes in food production such as pollination, pest and weed regulation. Research evidence suggests intensive farming practices and climate change are driving declines, yet significant uncertainty remains around the scale of the problem in the UK.

MPs will interrogate the current evidence base on insect abundance and diversity in the UK and examine the drivers of insect loss, including the effect of pesticides on pollinators and their predators.

The Committee seeks evidence on whether the Government is doing enough to protect insect populations and the additional policy levers that could be used to reverse declines.

Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Chair of Science and Technology Committee, said:

“Insects are essential to the survival of our natural world and play a pivotal role in food production. But growing evidence from around the world suggests their numbers are dwindling.

“We want to find out more about what is happening to insect diversity in the UK and the potential impacts on food security.”

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Image: J Williams/Unsplash