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Written evidence

Pet welfare and abuse

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Campaign for Evidence-Based Regulation of Dangerous Dogs (PWA0080)
Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (PWA0079)
Dogs Trust (PWA0078)
Association of Dogs & Cats Homes (ADCH) (PWA0076)
Sophie Coulthard, Lisa Marie Lewis, Nadia Hallett, Rebecca Strong, Joanne Dixon, Nikki Collier, Rose Downey, and Agnesa Borisevica (PWA0073)
Dr Gudrun Ravetz (Chief veterinary officer at Pets at Home) (PWA0072)
Companion Animal Sector Council (PWA0071)
Dog Control Coalition (PWA0075)
IVC Evidensia (PWA0074)
Tuks Law Scan Me (PWA0068)
Dr Tom Lonsdale (PWA0069)
Naturewatch Foundation (PWA0070)
Mrs Elizabeth Janny (Director at Bizzy Lizzys cleaning services) (PWA0001)
Mrs Cath Jones (PWA0005)
Paws Against (PWA0006)
The Animal Behaviour and Training Council (PWA0009)
Dr Joshua Jowitt (Lecturer in Law at Newcastle Law School) (PWA0010)
Independent Cat Rescue Prestwich (PWA0012)
Julie Davies (PWA0013)
The Kennel Club (PWA0015)
Total results 63 (page 1 of 4)