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Written evidence

Prevention in health and social care

Total results 576 (page 1 of 29)
Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) (PHS0613)
Sport England (PHS0614)
LEAPP Alliance (PHS0615)
Moderna Biotech UK Limited (PHS0612)
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (PHS0159)
Anonymised (PHS0025)
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) (PHS0611)
NIHR Older People and Frailty Policy Research Unit (PHS0587)
Dr Ingrid Wilkinson Hart (Lead Physiotherapist, Wiltshire CTPLD at Wiltshire Health and Care) (PHS0579)
Professor Gerome Breen (Professor of Psychiatric Genetics at King's College London) (PHS0566)
Anonymised (PHS0438)
Mrs Tracy Leach (Public Health Co-Ordinator Co-Production and Engagement at Wakefield Council), and Bridget Gill (Chief Officer at Spectrum People CIC) (PHS0280)
Colin Slasberg, and Janet Leifer (PHS0187)
Marion Brown, and Stevie Lewis (PHS0126)
National AIDS Trust (PHS0606)
Professor Sarah Ayres (Professor of Public Policy and Governance at University of Bristol), Professor Nick Pearce (Professor of Public Policy at University of Bath), Professor John Coggon (Professor of Law at University of Bristol), Dr Geoff Bates (Research Associate, Policy Research at University of Bath), Dr Andrew Barnfield (Research Fellow, Policy Studies at University of Bristol), and Mr Daniel Black (Project Director, TRUUD at University of Bristol) (PHS0121)
Society of Occupational Medicine (PHS0122)
UCL Social Biobehavioural Research Group (PHS0124)
Green Biofuels (PHS0125)
CaCHE (UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence) (PHS0127)
Total results 576 (page 1 of 29)