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Written evidence

Support for childcare and the early years

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Alice J Bennett (Chair at Worcestershire Independent Providers) (CEY1725)
Childminder Roundtable Summary (CEY1724)
Department for Education (CEY1721)
Department for Education (CEY1723)
National Deaf Children's Society (CEY1722)
Ofsted (CEY1720)
Anthony Shelton (CEY1283)
Bristol Early Years Recruitment forum, and Filton Avenue Nursery School & Children's Centre (CEY0025)
Bexhill Family Collective CIC (CEY1526)
Puddle Ducks (CEY0367)
Anonymised (CEY0031)
Bristol City Council (CEY1456)
London Early Years Foundation (CEY1265)
Ofsted (CEY1448)
Summary of written evidence submitted by parents (CEY1716)
Lead practitioner (CEY1412)
Miss F Dawson (CEY1681)
Twyford Playgroup, Hampshire (CEY1712)
Early Years Equality (CEY1715)
Total results 173 (page 1 of 9)