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Written evidence

NHS dentistry

Total results 81 (page 3 of 5)
Agi Tarnowski (Densist at Sample Group of General Dentists from Kent Surrey and Sussex) (DTY0089)
Mrs Sarah Olney (Member of Parliament for Richmond Park at Liberal Democrats - UK Parliament) (DTY0090)
Caroline Lucas MP (DTY0061)
North Yorkshire County Council (DTY0046)
Local Government Association (LGA) (DTY0047)
Healthwatch Brighton and Hove, Healthwatch East Sussex, and Healthwatch West Sussex (DTY0048)
The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (DTY0049)
healthwatch Hull (DTY0051)
Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire (DTY0052)
Healthwatch Sheffield (DTY0053)
Healthwatch Norfolk (DTY0055)
Healthwatch North Lincolnshire (DTY0057)
Hertfordshire Local Dental Committee (LDC) (DTY0058)
Jan Cuerden (DTY0036)
Healthwatch Worcestershire (DTY0037)
Association of Dental Groups (DTY0038)
Healthwatch Southend (DTY0039)
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (DTY0040)
Healthwatch Derbyshire (DTY0041)
Dr Andrew Bell (Associate at John G Plummer and Associates) (DTY0043)
Total results 81 (page 3 of 5)