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Written evidence

Investment for development: The UK’s strategy towards Development Finance Institutions

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Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (BII0103)
Bond (BII0107)
The Corner House (BII0108)
British International Investment (BII0109)
Oxfam GB (BII0104)
British International Investment (BII0105)
ONE and CGD (BII0106)
Agora Global (BII0101)
Charles Kenny (Senior Fellow at Center for Global Development) (BII0102)
British International Investment (BII0099)
Publish What You Fund (BII0100)
ODI (BII0097)
Dr Judith Tyson (Research Associate at ODI) (BII0094)
Gryphon Holdings Plc (BII0095)
BlueMark UK Ltd. (BII0009)
Zambia National Commerical Bank (BII0010)
FSD Africa (BII0011)
SPE Capital (BII0013)
Metier (BII0031)
Total results 92 (page 1 of 5)